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    1300 price check

    Looking at a 2008 gp1300r with 7hrs on it with a aluminum trailer seller is set at 7,000 seemed high to me considering my cousin this time last year bought an new 09 seadoo rxp 215hp for 7600 out the door plus 750 for the trailer.

    is it worth it? says it is spotless which it probably is considering the hours it also comes with a oem cover.

    thanks, and btw new to the sport and the forum

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    Last year I was in the market and came up on 3 brand new 0 hours. 08 1300R for sale in Arizona
    At a dealership guy said they never sold and he wanted 5500. Without trailer. But nada value says 7k is about right?? Goodluck

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    I would never pay book value for anything. Got to have a little cushion for the potentially undisclosed problems that the person might fail to inform you of.

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    The used market pricing is being driven by high cost of new units. Hence why the guy is asking 7K.
    People cant afford a new 12K ski out the door with tax.

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    Overall too high or pull the trigger? I just hate paying what I think I could have got one new for. From what I've read some people bought them new for 7k as leftovers.

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    Over the winter I picked up my 26 hour '07 GPR with a six month old trailer for $5800... Of course it was the day after a blizzard, so it wasn't prime east coast buying season... I thought I did pretty well considering the others people around me paid and what I've seen them going for in the reason... Economy in the shitter doesn't hurt us buyers...

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