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    Removing old turf???

    I am rebuilding a 1988 JS550 and the turf needs to go. Any good tricks or chemicals to use to get the old glue off?

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    Yes, but it takes some time. tools and chem's you will need for the job. a box of rubber gloves, 1 Gal of lacquer thinner, hard edge blade, squeeze bottle. All can be picked up at home paint department, Put thinner in squeeze bottle then try to find a lose corner of the pad lift up and start to shoot the thinner under mat and slowly pull away using blade when needed take your time and let the thinner do its job. also it would be a good job to do outside as the fumes can get heavy. hope it go's well hit me up if you need more help.. Good luck....

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    Thanks Shadow! I am going to attempt it this weekend. I am also trying to get those old decals off. I went and bought a heat gun yesterday so I hope it helps with that.

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