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    Trim indicator does not work in display

    I have a Seadoo RXP from 2004. I have a little problem whit it.
    The trim works, but the trim indicator in the display does not light up, even not when I insert the key.
    Does anyone knows what the problem might be?
    Thank you in advance.
    Thomas from the Netherlands.

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    U may need to take it to the dealer to hook it up to BUDS to activate the display marker. Do u also get SENSOR on your display when u put the key on? and a compass feature now shows up? If any of those, Dealer trip will be needed to reset.

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    Thank you, I will go to the dealer. Hope it is a simple error.

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    It is a simple issue especially if you have had the battery out recently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSRXP View Post
    It is a simple issue especially if you have had the battery out recently.
    Hi, I'm having the same issue with mine, only that nothing lights up on my instrument panel at all, when I put on the key it makes a loud beep as if it was low in gas that's it nothing shows on the panel, any ideas please??

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    1st: Check your fuses and see if anything is blown. If its your vts motor that fuse will usually blow.

    2nd: If no fuses blown go to dealer and hook up to buds. Make sure VTS is checked off.

    3rd: If fuse is blowing or vts box is checked and still no vts, change vts motor.

    4th: If no fuses are blown, vts is checked off in buds, your vts motor tests fine, there may be a problem with the module.

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