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    951 engine well well done!

    one cylinder is shattered in one side and ended in the bottom of the crankshaft breaking the crankcase... the connecting rod is bent and has a discoloration in the lower section...the sleeves are intact... what this can be? It happened when jumping and landing in another wave "about 1 second"... Hydrolock? Bad Premix "50:1 with Amsoil Interceptor"?? A starting to fail lower bearing on the connecting rod "by the discoloration"?? Please help me, see the pictures
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    this post has 54 views as today and no one can help me on this???

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    Throw a 787 in there . Anyways, welcome to GH. I'm sure someone will chime in a a few minutes.

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    thanks dsg!! hope someone help me in this matter, I am very confused... lack of oil?? water lock?? don't know

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    judging from the discoloration at the bottom im thinking that its bearing failure. you may have been a little lean on the oil.

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    Why did it happen ? Water ingestion , look at the top end bearing from the mag cylinder and see what color it is.Usually the rod discolors from excess heat caused by the bearing failure due to water ingestion.

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    water ingestion is a good possibility because he said we was jumping waves...

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    the ski was running great, that happened when i landed from a wave jump, WOT

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    surf, what is the mag cylinder? sorry, I am new in in these ski terms. Also , the lack of oil can cause a bent rod and a blown away spark plug? I mean, the inside of the spark plug "the electrode and the ceramic coating the electrode" moved out of the gap point about 1/4 inch but nothing touched the gap point like a piston that smashes the spark plug but in my case, it is not impossible by the design of the head that will not go up to the spark plug gap point... this is very confusing, I have never seen a spark plug failing like this

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    looks like it was sitting in water and maybe over reved it........... jumping at WOT, just a guess. the mag cyliner is the front and the pto cylinder is the rear, had to learn the terms myself when i blew my 951 last year

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