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    WTB complete 760 or 701 motor and pump

    I need a complete 760 or 701 motor, minus exhaust. I also need the complete pump. PM me and let me know what you have and how much.

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    I have a wave venture 1100 complete pump off fresh water ski.

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    thanks guys, but I just bought a stator and exit nozzle. Now just need the steer nozzle, good low end impeller, damaged or not (I can get them rebuilt), good freeride/freestyle ride plate, and pump stuffer intake grate/shoe assembly. Let me know if you have anything in that realm. Still looking for an affordable long block. If anybody has a factory B pipe, let me know how much. Please pm me though as I get that instantly on my phone. Thanks!

    Oh, and if anybody has a quick trim set up I may be interested in that too. I wanna do backflips!

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    I have a complete 760 ported

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    Quote Originally Posted by L Carlson View Post
    I have a complete 760 ported
    PM sent

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