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    FX140 Clear Airbox ???

    Anyone know of anywhere that makes them, willing to make one.
    The valve cover is about to be polished, along with alot of other aluminum in the engine compartment. Prob gonna be getting the Riva Velocity stacks and power filter thing
    The riva Velocity stacks may get drilled and tapped for the fogger nozzles, not sure yet.

    I am pretty picky when it comes to cleanliness and rust in my ski, for being operated in salt water only i must proudly say that there is no visible rust anywhere on the ski. Maybe it has to deal with the fact that i make a living working on the things, and i have seen the worst of the worst, we are talking Black mold to the point of the inside walls being fuzzy, down to the dead cat in the GP1200R all the way down to the full opened pack of Bologna that had been under the engine for a while.

    Do the Ride plates have to be rough textured can it be smoothed out, prob gonna just replace it anyways with aftermarket.

    Picked up a wave blaster from my boss mans back yard went to fire it up yesterday and the water box exploded, flew smooth out of the ski, and landed nicely on the roof of my house. I believe the blaster is gonna be put on the back burner for a bit, and i figure what the hell gass is so expensive down here at the moment i can put a little money into the FX140

    Any ideas

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    Ok I think I have it fugured it out I found a place that sells silicone mold making compound and they sell a clear pourable molding resin. They call it Water Clear resin they also have liquid tint for the clear. I think I am gonna get a spare airbox lid and possibly a bottom too and see if I can make a clear version

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