Hey folks, with summer almost here and the Memorial Weekend coming up we decided to do a promotion for our board shorts. It's $10 off all of Jettribe's board shorts (men's & lady's) except the clearance shorts. Get your shorts and enjoy your time in the sun. You can place your order online at www.jettribe.com, or place your order over the phone at our headqurters in Southern California: 805-532-2408.

Discount Apply at Check Out. Expires May 25th, 2011.

Click on the link below to be directed to our board shorts page on our website.

http://jettribe.com/main_jettribe_pwc_watercraft_jet_ski_gear_company_ since_1996_044.htm

http://jettribe.com/main_jettribe_pwc_watercraft_jet_ski_gear_company_ since_1996_048.htm