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    Electronic problems on 04 GTX Supercharged 4-Tec

    I had a previous post recently about a communication chord but realized it might not help my problem. Im hoping with a more appropriate title someone that's been there done that can assist me. When i plug my jet ski in I get the two quick beeps. Than a few seconds later I get one long beep followed by four short one and than back to normal with four quick beeps after that over and over. Also when I start it up it gives me 1 long beep and than runs. Runs a little ruff but runs. When i turn it off without taking the lanyard off it will start up without that 1 long beep but sometimes randomly beeps once, the one long beep again, every once in awhile. Besides that my instrument cluster is broken with nothing showing and the needle stuck past the 80 mph mark. If you know how to take the gauge cluster visor off that would help! Sorry for the mouth full and i hope to get some advice!

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    If your gauge cluster is broken or water logged it will activate a fault code as a comunication problem. This will give you radom beeps. The gauge cluster pull straight out. It is held in by the rubber grommet that surrounds it.

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    O no 5.5 mm screws i read from another post? And any hope in fixing this communication problem? There has been moisture in the gauges but never much.

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