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    Pump housing 2000/2002 Virage

    I am in need of a Pump housing for my Virage project. The nozzle bolts froze and snapped off in my old one, so I needed to remove it. I have another one as my donor, but it was not to easy getting out with all that I was wondering if someone had one in a parts hull that you could sell me.

    Let me know.

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    I just bought one on e-bay,they had several more,I offered them 78.00 and they took it.

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    I have one from a 02 virage if you need it.

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    i have good, fresh water pump mounts here, if that is what you need for 50.00 + s&h
    also have pump mount bolts, and stainless steel 6 vein stator section, from a virage.

    please email, or better, call the shop if i can help. thank you

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