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    Bad Stator...really bad

    So I started to diagnose my 2002 Virage no spark issue. I started at the CDI box, tested all wires and switches...all check out good, so I went to the wasnít so good... It just so happen that I had an extra flywheel and stator around from my 2000 Virage.. So, I removed the cover, pulled the flywheel off and saw some pretty bad stuff... (pics) The plastic piece that goes around the flywheel was getting chewed up due to 2 out of 3 of the stator bolts were snapped off. The magnet was getting chewed up by the stator its self. I realized that while trying to remove the flywheel nut, I heard some grinding in the impeller shaft housing. I guess I donít know why it happened, im hopping that the crank is still good. I didnít hear anything prior to removing the engine when I was doing a compression test. Both were @ 125psi...everything sounded good then...but I think itís weird that both the stator and the impeller are screwed up...

    Any thoughts on my issue?? I hate not knowing where this ski came from. The guy I bought the ski from said it was running great when it was put away last summer..He seems to be a stand up guy, a fellow military member of a higher rank...should have integrity...(kind of our motto), but who knows...Now that the motor is out it seems to spin ok with no visual issues...

    I want to re sell the motor and try to re coup some of my

    Look at the Magnet...

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    Did you ohm test the stator? It may still be good. If the magnets were wrecked, that could have caused your no spark issue. It appears as there is no physical damage to the stator, its just a mess. Or is that damage on two of the windings in the pic? its hard to tell. Most likely the rest of the motor is ok.

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    The center hub of the flywheel should have plastic around it,that is where the "signal" magnet should be-to get spark.

    My guess would be someone worked on the stator,over torqued or installed incorrect bolts.
    Those stator bolts go through the cover-into the case halves. You should remove the cover- to get a visegrip on the bolt shafts.

    Check the crank for any movement. With the cover off you can see the bearing. If all is OK,replace the seal and the engine should be fine.

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    The windings are pretty messed up on a few....I haven’t Ohm checked it...I agree that i bet it was worked on at some point and installed wrong. Probably caused the damage.. The crank looked to be tight..compression is great...I think the motor is good. I think I am going to post it for sale, or keep it...I don’t

    I pulled everything out of the blue ski and installed it in the yellow ski in the past two days, and today will be the maiden voyage.. It runs great in the We shall see. Fingers crossed...

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