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Thread: GP1300R Mods

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    GP1300R Mods

    I just purchased a 06 GP1300R last summer. I primarily ride it on smaller lakes and sometimes on Lake Michigan where theres a lot of waves. I'm mainly looking for better acceleration, but also top speed. I feel like it handles pretty good atm just would like it faster off the line.

    From what iv understood from reading different forums is that its not good to get bits and pieces out of the kits. I can see why that is for some stuff.

    I was thinking:
    Riva Top load grates
    Ride plate
    Solas Impeller

    I'm not sure if these mods are worth it exactly, i need some advice from someone thats felt the difference and has some advice.

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    Check out island racing for their holeshot kit. Tons of info on this site as well. Just spend some time searching and reading the stickies here and under FAQ section.

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