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    Rule 750 automatic bilge pump and Rule 43 switch. Need a little guidance....

    I am attempting to install a Rule 750 automatic bilge pump and the Rule 43 switch. I have researched the other how-to posts on bilge installations with good results, but have found that people havenít had the best of luck getting the automatic feature to work. The wiring diagrams arenít all that clear to me, and that is where I am hung up. Has anyone used this switch with any Rule automatic bilge pump and have had the automatic feature work? If yes, any suggestions, diagrams, etc??? Thanks in advance.

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    Here's my 02..... don't use that switch!!! Run your pumps auto wire straight to the battery, and fuse it properly. Then if you also want manual operation of the pump, find a two position... two wire sealed toggle switch (summit racing has them). One lead of the switch (also needs to be fused) goes to the battery, the other wire goes to the manual lead on the pump. Run the pumps ground wire directly to the battery. Those rule switches will corrode, and eventually do fail (or you may forget to turn it on when you need it most)..... then your pump won't run at all. Described above is the safest way to wire the pump.... so that it will work when you need it to.

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