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    Dealing with Dealerships

    Ughh...Is all i have to say
    I've called 4 dealerships, I told them what model and what additional options and the trailer that I've picked out. I asked them to come up with their deal, including taxes and tag.
    So far only one dealer has responded with an out the door number. Two of the others haven't bothered to even start on working up the offer.. and the other told me they don't negotiate deals or start bidding wars over the phone (even tho they are the one that asked if any other dealers have gave me a quote and if so bring it in and they guarantee to beat it)??????
    How do you shop around for the best deal is what I'd like to know?
    All these dealers are about an hour or more away, with todays ability to get on the computer and get a lot of the info.. like what model you have decided on and what options ya want... its making it a lil easier for the sales department... you can just go and say look ... here's what I want, this is what i want on it.. how much? Sounds simple enough.. why do they make it difficult?

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    I did it the same way you are. Called a couple. Found the lowest price. Then told the dealership I got this price from so and so. Can you beat it?

    Then bam. Got the ski. The places that wont work over the phone are obviously going to be higher. Thats why they play that game.

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    Just called one of the dealers back and asked to speak with their general manager. He wasn't in and one of the sales people asked me if they could help.. I said yes... I called ya 4 times so far today, gave you all the info yesterday and I didn't know who I spoke with but they said they would call me back... called four times today and was told they would figure out who I spoke with and call me right back.. so now I just want to speak with the manager and ask if your really a sales company and want to make a sale. (lol)
    He told me that most of the Seadoos that are available are only the 2008-2010 models.
    Not a single 2011 Seadoo GTX 155 in the entire region. I live in Los Angeles, one of the largest cities in the United States... and not a single 2011 model available in my area??
    REALLY?? SERIOUSLY? This is just unbelievable, pathetic and sad we live on the pacific ocean coastline for god sakes ... we are nearly half way through the year approaching 2012 and not a 2011 model to be had makes zero sense to me!
    Do I need to call the actual Seadoo Company themselves to get this?
    This is just frustrating as all get out.

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    Try calling some dealers out of your area, I drove 3 hours to get mine. It's just a big game local dealer in the most pompous, arrogant way ''proudly'' declared his price that was a THOUSAND dollars more than any other dealer in florida. I just hung up on his ass.

    The dealer I finally bought from, called and left 6 voice mails before I finally called him back. With every voice mail the deal got a little sweeter. When I picked it up and signed the paperwork, I asked the guy to throw in a free life jacket...his face turned beat red. I Could tell he was pissed about what he had to go through to make a sale...but hey, that's the way it goes. Do you want to be the bug, or do you want to be the windshield?

    Just keep looking, don't be afraid to take a road trip.

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    +1 on that also. I drove 2-3 hours out of state.

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    I bought mine in another city as well. I talked to them, went and looked at some other brands and then finally went back in and started talking turkey. They were eager to make a sale and went the extra mile...some times the out of the way guys try harder. And remember these things:
    Everything is negotiable
    They are not doing you a favor by selling you a ski, you are doing them a favor by buying it
    Make them work for their money

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    EBay I bought a leftover 05 RXP in April 06 out of state brand new from a dealer and saved over $3000 than from a local dealer!

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    I drove to another state. illinois sucks

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    I called Seadoo today and asked if they knew of any dealerships that had a 2011 GTX 155 in the state of California and surprisingly enough you will never believe what the guy on the phone said... He said what model is that?... yes the actual person on the phone had no clue as to what models of Seadoo they carry..he said are you wanting a 150??? I said no.. the "Seadoo GTX 155"... he had to put me on hold and look it up... very sad these people work for Seadoo and have no idea what the products are.
    Anyway I was able to finally find one in San Diego.

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    I have a dealer 5 minutes from my house, but because of price and great service in the past went with the same dealer I got my last 3 ski's from, which is still only half hour from my house.

    Sometimes there are problems with buying the ski so far from where you live when it comes time for service.

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