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    securing flywheel to crank

    I rebuilt a 900sl and put red loctite on crank treads and oil nut.
    test ran it on river for 1hr and it ran great,But now I read that I should
    have put loctite on crankshaft and flywheel also, how important is this?
    there wasn't any on there from factory.
    Should I redo?

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    Honestly I would not worry about it. I HATE using lock tight. As long as you have them tight I would not worry about them. I sometimes use RTV on threads as lock tight, because it come back off a lot eaiser.

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    262 Red (medium to high strength) Loctite threadlocker on the flywheel taper and 242 Blue (medium strength) Loctite threadlocker on the crankshaft threads. Torque to 90 ft. lbs.

    Now, if you didn't use Red on the taper, but you torqued it to 90 ft. lbs., I probably wouldn't worry about it.

    However, if you didn't use Red on the taper and just tightened by feel, I might worry a little bit.

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    Yep, tightened to 90# with red loctite. Thanks Guys

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    Angry which way are the threads?

    maybe off topic but i lost my flywheel yestrerday it bashed up my outer cover becuase the nut fell off, Was wondering why the crank end threads are in the same directions of the flywheel direction? it should just oppisate, Anyays goint to get a new nut now and case.

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    The woodruff key takes the torque not the nut someone didn't assemble it correctly more than likely! Z

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    yes it had the key but was sheared off when i took it apart, is there supposed to be a lock washer or just a flat washer with loc tite? i still wonder why the nut is not tightened counterclockwise rather than the same direction of the flywheel?? i guess use lots of loc tite and get a new nut and key, i thought it was my bendix, the loud bang i heard just before got me worried souned like a rod breaking so i guess i got off lucky. Thanks

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    Someone just said the key shears because the nut loosens up. Left hand thread or a lock washer would help. Not sure why they didn't do that?

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