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    1997 SL 1050 rebuild ?s

    I bought a 97 SL1050 the other day for a decent price. I knew it would need quite a bit of restoration with the engine and I am considering taking on the task. I removed the carbs, intake, and cyl heads. The cyl walls look thick and pistons are in good shape, although there is some noticible surface rust on the walls of the cyls. The carb will def need rebuilt. I cant seem to free up the lower butterflies-there stuck, any suggestions on how to free that up. Also I am trying to get the exhaust pipe off to remove the cyls but I am unable to get the two bolts nearset the side of the boat off because I dont have socket that shallow and I cant get them to budge with a wrench--any tips.

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    Ubolt the carb manifold and then the motor mounts. Rock the engine on its side in the hull and then you can get to them. They are more than likely corroded and will need some strong persuasion to give up the fight.

    The butterflies on the carb are just stuck. Try spraying pb blaster or wd-40 on the springs on each carb. LET IT SOAK or you will end up breaking the adjuster screws when you get mad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pastrykiller View Post
    ... The butterflies on the carb are just stuck. Try spraying PB Blaster ... LET IT SOAK ...
    PB Blaster or Kroil plus plenty of soaking time.

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    If you're going to be rebuilding the carbs, remove them from the carb rack and soak them in a can of carb/parts cleaner

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