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    Help with pricing 2004 virage

    Hi, I am considering purchasing 2 polaris virage 2004 with trailer for $3000. The owner states that they both need new batteries and one needs a steering cable. What do you guys think about this. Is it a good deal? Is there anything that i should know about this year and model.


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    Take a brand new and fully charged battery with you.

    Check compression on each engine, and start each engine.

    Reverse lever may be stiff, which is fixable. If someone has really yanked on the reverse lever then the internal plastic latching mechanism can break.

    Check the internal hull ribs around the front engine mounts and near the fuel tank. Minor hairline cracks are OK, major chunking is not.

    Are these engines fuel injected (Virage i) or carburetor (Virage)?

    If fuel injected, a water injection solenoid is hidden under the upper exhaust pipe, and this solenoid valve often corrodes and fails. The water solenoid (one per engine) can be removed and permanently capped off, but if not attended to it can leak water and cause trouble.

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