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    95 slt 750 coil question

    ok here is the situation i have a 95 slt 750 that has all 3 coils bad i also have a 93 sl 750 for parts so i check those coils and have 2 that are good so out of 6 total coils i have 2 good ones lol well i have a few sea doo coils here in the shop as well (they have 2 plug wires coming from them) i was wondering if one of them would work in place of 2 coils then just add in another original coil to make a total of 3 what do yall thing

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    Four bad coils? That seems unusual.

    I don't think the Seadoo ignition coil is a good idea. If you damage the Polaris Fuji CDI it will cost more than a genuine coil.

    Have a look at the parts sources link from my signature. I am sure you can find another coil or even a set of coils for reasonable money.

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