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    Great site.
    Well got a question for experienced Polaris riders. I have a 2002 Genesis i 1200 62hrs, it starts right up at the ramp but idles rough and stalls out for probably 10 or so minutes like that, and continues to run 'rough' for a while. Eventually idleing but still rough in mid range. Read a little on the TPS on this site, wondering if that's my problem. I've cleaned injectors and put new plugs in so far. Thanks for looking.

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    Start with the tps.....if you don't know when it was last replaced it is probably overdue. If that doesn't fix it send the emm to dfi.

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    TPS is the likely suspect.

    Cleaned the injectors? How?

    It is important to not swap injectors between cylinders. Each injector is mapped to a specific cylinder.

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    Had a friend look at it and he said he cleaned injectors (probably just additive, will have to ask about that, doubt he took it apart), ok, where's a good place to get a tps? What should one expect to pay for the tps, and if not it sending the emm to dfi (explain more please)?

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