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    Suzuki, Amsoil, parts Dealers?

    Hello everyone,

    It's time for me to attempt my first ever maintenance on my motorcycle (with help of my experieced mechanic buddy that has his own motorcycle etc.).

    I need a new battery, new brake pads (at least), oil, oil filter, and possibly some tires (a little further down the road)

    I am wondering if there are any specific companies/brands/styles I should be looking out for or avoiding.

    It's a 2002 GSX-R 750. Just passed 10k miles last week.

    Any good sources, leads, etc. are fully welcomed!

    Please let me know if you can help at all. Email me to get to me quickest.

    The bike is up for inspection by the end of the month. I like to work on my own machines and wanted to get everything ironed out before hitting the dealer for odd n ends + an inspection.
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    i used Motul in all my bikes with oem filters. if the rotors are "stripped" or have a "lip" around the edge replace them with Galfer floating wave rotors and you might as well throw on stop~tech braided lines also. sportec M3's by Metzler are the sh!t with dual compound tread (softer on the outside, harder in the center). any new sealed gel battery will do. gL

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    Amsoil make the 10w40, 20w50, and now 10w30 motorcycle oil, its acutally what I use in my ski. For parts idk I guess try to find online that specializes in the moto parts. My dad uses some site for his Harley parts. Put front brakes on it before, kinda a pain in the ass, you have to split the caliper in 2 (quad piston 2 on each side) in order to remove it from the bike and to get the pads seated correctly. Which meant I had to bleed the calipers after, tho it was quite easy on a bike. Shouldnt be that hard especially with a someone who knows his way around a bike

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    Here is the info on the AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle 10-40 oil

    I even have the oil filter for that bike in black or chrome.

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