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    new member. new to polaris

    Ive been helping a good friend bring a 97 Sl780 back from the dead and i was told this site was filled with great polaris info. So far im impressed! I work on kawis and seadoos for a living but never dealt with polaris. The members on here post some very valuable tips and info and so far ive found a few specific problems mentioned. most important i saved the MFD from the trash can. I followed ph2ocrafts dissasembly and cleaning tips and the MFD works like new. Thanks for the great info everybody

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    Welcome to the Hulk.
    Glad you were able to get your MFD working again. This is the place for Polaris information. I've learned a lot from just reading the posts. Hope all goes well bringing your SL780 back to life.

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    Welcome to the Polaris side of the Hulk.

    Please post up pics. I love the look of the 97 780's.

    You might actually be impressed with how much fun these hulls are. Not the fastest skis out there, but one of the best for wave jumping, donuts, and all around fun factor.

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