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    Using a 07 GTX ecu in an 08 RXT X, will it be fine?

    I bought what was supposed to be an 08 RXPX ECU off ebay to replace my bad RXTX one.
    While we where programing the keys it seemed odd(the beeping with DESS plugged in)
    It is programmed and it seems to start and run fine.
    THough I have not hit the water yet.

    Has anyone done this?
    Any pros or cons to doing this?
    Will I notice anything?

    Thanks in advance

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    The 08 RXTX ECU is mapped for 42# injectors, while the 07 215hp GTX ECU is mapped for 38# injectors. So being that it is mapped for smaller injectors, you will be running a little rich. Its not ideal, but it should work fine for you. The redline is 200rpm higher, on the positive side . You will also no longer have the quick trim VTS position recall function as that was not available in 2007, but thats about it.

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    I did see that it would not hold the Trim settings. I did get the ecu cheap though.
    It running a little fat is fine as i run stock injectors with a 137 wheel in it.
    I stoked at the 200 more rpm as I have a hair a cavitation on the holeshotans this just may take care of it.
    Flat out the ECU ran 8140.
    Thanks for your response

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    +200 is good...

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