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    Lock up your skis

    Well just woke up from a nightmare I had, was dreaming about attending a MB like event where forum members were meeting up for some serious riding.
    Got me and the GF launched and was going to head out and find everyone when I noticed my ski wasnt running right, Finally took off the seat to check it out and MY Air filter set up was different?? looked at the engine and hell it wasnt even bolted down??? didnt have my RR exhaust either WTF............................Dam SOMEONE HAD SWITCHED MY SKI WITH THIER (same paint) PIECE OF **** and bought them a couple extra hours of get away time. I was so pissed, kicking things I was just a hair below going Psycho.

    So whats this dream telling us? when traveling LOCK UP YOUR SKIS at least make it harder for them.

    going to se my thearapist now (I kid I kid)
    Have a good day

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    That's a horrible nightmare!

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    Once you think about it it's kinda funny! You love your ski so much you even have nightmares about it!

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    glad mine is hiddin what you cant see you cant steal

    and if they do i just get me a new one gotta love full covarage

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