I am selling my Polaris Virage's 700's.

Here’s the deal...The blue one (2000) has 24 hours on it. That was my first one. I just put in a new CDI box and rebuilt the Carb. It ran perfectly. Friday we were out playing and two of my friends hit each other and put a nasty crack in the hull. I bought the yellow one (2002) for the donor. It ran as of last year with less than 80 hours on a completely rebuilt motor. He said there’s no spark. This was bought last night... I am currently in the process of switching the electrical components on the yellow one to get it running with as minimal parts as possible from the blue one. My plan was to get the yellow one perfect, and part out the blue one. Try to make my money back. Either way, there’s a lot of money tied up with these two skis (in/out). The yellow engine has 120/124 PSI in each cylinders, and the blue is right at 120 PSI in each. Both Less than 10 % of each other.

At this point I am willing to part with the whole set up, both skis, and the double trailer for $1850.00. I have almost that in just the Blue 2000. I want to be on the water quickly, and I am wanting something a little newer. I can give details upon request. This is a great deal. We had a ton of fun on the Blue one.


Joshua 267-342-0846 (call or text)