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    Smile Servicing aquatrax turbo with no flame arrestor

    I was wondering why a pwc that I was servicing had no air filter or top,HMMM wonder if having a extra quart of oil caused owner to remove it as it must have been plugged up,even the grommet from oil cooler to airbox was half off.It was bought in this condition,changed oil and filter cleaned plugs,installed air filter,it is a 2005 with 28 hrs.And I gotta say one thing the turbo hondas have no turbo-lag like the 770 polaris webers it pulls almost as hard as a rxp!!!with only difference is it seems honda hits limiter when hitting full throttle and pump loadswhen accelerating ,the supercharged rxp seems to have more torque off line,both are awsome as for turbo lag the honda says what lag ???>Marvin

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    Many of the Honda motorcycle dealers never learned how to service the Aquatrax line they originally sold. They often overfilled the engines with a couple of extra quarts of oil. The original intake system was very restrictive so many remove it and replace it with a sock filter on the turbo inlet. The Hondas are a lot of fun and do make a lot of low end power. The revs are very limited and raising the Rev Limiter requires reworking the valve springs/keepers. With about 1K in mods the 12X Honda develops close to 200 HP and is still reliable with the best fuel economy/range of all PWCs.
    It is still relatively slow [66 MPH GPS].

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