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    96 Kawasaki 750 Sxi rail pads, decals

    So, my brother crashes into my bone stock and beautiful '96 750 Sxi while out in the ocean in Oceanside, CA. The RH rail pad is torn and plastic frame underneath broken. This item is discontinued unfortunately. I've always enjoyed the stock look and feel of the pads myself so looking for options. I've searched ebay high and low. What aftermarket options do I have? I see you can order new covers but that requires the reuse of the plastic frame correct? And mine is broken. Some have suggested just gluing Hydroturf matting to it, but the contour of the ski is made for thick pads, not sure that would look right. If anybody has suggestions or pics of aftermarket jobs they've done, please share. Also, stock decals are discontinued, anybody know if anybody still has any around? Thanks

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    PowersEdge has helped me find discontinued parts, I think Kawasaki must have a nationwide dealer parts database.

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