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Thread: Rotax or Riva?

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    Rotax or Riva?

    Also need opinions on which ECU I should run on the ski I am building. NO JERRY I cannot swing to buy a Motec. I actually like my wife a little..... Plan on running a basic stage 3 with all the normal goodies. I havn't done a valve upgrade.... Thoughts?

    X-Charger (Viton), 42's, 15/22, Reduction Nozzle, Catch Can, Fizzle IC, RRPFR, Rear Exhaust, Std. OPAS, LC1, 2.5 deg wedge and extension, AEM boost and AFR digital guages. No head work as of yet.....

    Trying to buy all at once so getting everything together now.... Thanks in advance...

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    I'm running the rotax 8600 ecu now for 2 years now,and it's very powerfull.
    It's a bit more agressive then the riva ecu.
    Nice feature with this ecu that's it's plug and play,no buds needed.
    The rotax ecu installs on its own.
    You need to run premium fuel,don't know if that'sa problem for you.
    Dess funtion doesn't work anymore,it will start with any lanyard,but don't forget is a true racing ecu.
    I got mine from Malte (mrracing).

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    For a Rec ski the Riva is really the way to go. Mainly because there is a knock sensor. Obviously dont do anything until you do retainers or the Riva valve train.

    For troubleshooting it helps that it is a common set up there are probably 4 Riva ECU's for every 1 Rotax (guessing).

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    The Rotax ecu will not hook up to BUDS. You can't even reset your TB, unless you send it back to Rotax$$$$. Most of the time its no big deal and the engine will idle fine, but sometimes not.

    Don't know what year ski you have. Jerry just posted awhile ago. RIVA isn't making anymore 04-05 RIVA ecus and maybe 06, too. Used RIVA ecus can be hooked up to BUDS and you can reset TB and other stuff, etc.

    If you can't find a used RIVA ecu, I would go with a Les Cooke ecu. These also can be hooked up to BUDS, too. Les Cooke can pretty much map a ecu to anything you want. Almost any rev limit, 93 octane or racegas curves, etc.

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