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    Polaris SL 650 Jet-ski

    Hey everyone,
    I need some help with my jet ski. I bought it not running. I had to rebuild the top end of the engine. Its now back together. Can anyone tell me where the oil line goes and the lines to the fuel pump. Thanks for the help.


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    the main oil line from the tank goes to the oil pump which is located far down on the crank case just under the intake, the oil pump should have 3 lines small line for each cylinder. and the fuel pump if original will have 3 nipples one for in , out , and a pulse line . The original pump should have arrows one it showing the flow direction. that should get you started. The original fuel pump should also be replaced with a triple outlet if u havent done it already.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

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    Thank you that info will help.

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