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    96 HX Oil Leaking Into Hull And Kind Find Leak PLease Help........

    Hi, I recently bought a 96' HX and after I got it home I found some oil in the bottom of the hull but I can't see where it's leaking from. I thought it was coming from the oil injection system but it seems like alot of oil but the oil in the resivor doesn't seem to be getting lower. Also this is my first Sea Doo and it has 2 big hoses coming from the oil tank that look like there going directly into the crank case and I'm not sure exactly what these are? Is it possible these lines have that much oil in them where it could leak into the bottom of the hull and not leak from the oil resivor? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Jim

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    Those lines feed the rotary valve gear assembly. There is a seal at RV that can leak. The oil leak there will get sucked into the engine and foul plugs.

    Check the oil lines and fittings again for cracks. Tug on the ends at the intake manifold to ensure they are tight.

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    I have to hx's and they all leak oil out the gromet on the bottom of the oil tank. Check to make sure the oil pump itself is not leaking. My oil pump started leaking around the shaft of the pump.

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