Saw the thread about the vise the other day but let me tell you about some of my latest experiences with HF. Seems like I clip one of the coupons out of a magazine they do not have the item. I use the 20% off coupons all the time. The other day I went to get a jack and I asked the guy where it was as they had a display out but none in a box. He replied that they don't put those items out on the floor and that you have to ask for it at the cash register. Asked if I could take the display one up and he replied they can not sell those. So I get to the cashier and hand her the coupon for the jack. She looks it up on her computer and tells me that the item has been discontinued. Tells me a lot of times on the magazine coupons they are trying to clear out the warehouse of overstocked or discontinued items and by the time the coupons come out the product is sold out.

On the way out the door I grab a sale paper. Get home and look on the front page and there is the jack I want for $99.99, normally 129.99. My coupon is for 59.99, regularly 119.99. So the other day I call back up there and ask if they have the jack on the sales sheet in stock and they reply yes. Guess it has been undiscontinued. Go up to the store and ask the cashier for the jack showing her the sales paper. She doesn't need to check her computer this time and calls to the back for someone to bring the jack up. As she starts to ring it up I present my coupon and give her the ear to ear smile.

Don't know if this is a wide spread problem with management trying to increase their sales profit by not having the deeply discounted stuff not available or whatever. Watch out for these practices from them. I get Pop Sci and Pop Mech and each mag has a 2 page coupon section for HF each month with a 20% off coupon on one item.