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    Angry NEED HELP! 2000 gsx rfi fouling plugs

    good cold start with new plugs, run for like 30 mins and it will start to missfire under 2000 rpm, if u try to idle itll die, extended crank with a little gas given and itll sputter to life n go, cant restart after a few times, let it sit for 30 mins and cool off and starts up, if not put new plugs in and it fires right up. compression seems good, all sensors ohm good, coil ohms good, new rear cylinder fuel injector cause it fouled the worst, didnt change anything. was told to remove rotary valve, significant scoring to intake anifold and rotary valve, not engine block. im at my witts end here bought the ski like this and will take to yamaha shop tuesday to get rotary valve replaced and surfaces machined for 300$. any ideas what i should check next? common issues you have found before, would like to fix soon. if you have a solution u can reach me at 2146971044 im in texas.

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    Have the TPS reset at a dealer.

    Make sure they know how to do it before taking it there.

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    I have an intake & rotary valve in good shape off of a 99 787 GSX RFI. Let me know, I can save you some $$$
    The intake is in better shape than it looks in the pic. If you want close ups let me know

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    got a good used rotary valve cover and valve and it fired right up after i assembled it, had to adjust the idle a little but the ski i think has a weak starter, it doesnt want to turn over very easily, the timing is right, it was probably all those times i had to long crank it due to hard starting before. i bought a new battery for it today, if it still turns slowly with it ill take the starter off and get it rebuilt.

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    ok starts right up out of the water every time, put it in the water and it had a long crank and sputtered to life killed it and it did it again a long crank but after it started it idled low so i adjusted the idle screw up to 1500 and ran it for 15 minutes, theres one thing im curious about!! the temp read 82 degrees before i started running it and still 82 degrees after 15 mins of idle and throttle hooked to the trailer??? i am really stuck here i need a F*&@ing scan tool to read parameters!

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