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    inner crankshaft bearing issue

    just tore down my 98 1200 npv 65u motor. looks like one of the inner crankshaft bearings is failing. everything else is ok.

    is this fixable? i would hate to have to buy a whole nother crank just because of this one bearing.

    any suggestions?


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    My assumption would be yes, how and how much, def beyond my scope so far. Im sure others will chime in with the details of that. Good luck with it! SBT has the cranks for $375 - even though I hear to avoid sbt all together, just an idea for ya!

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    How many hours are on the crank? Crankworks can take apart the crank and replace the bearing. The real question is why wouldn't the rest of the bearing probably be close to failing? Not sure what a new one costs, but I read that some rebuilt cranks (SBT...) use inferior bearings. If you get lucky if your can find a low hours trued and welded crank for around $300 from a respected GH member.

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    Yep crankworks can disassemble, replace the bearings, and reassemble the crank for you. Probably best to replace all the bearings at once. And you can have then true and weld the crank for an added fee.

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    Thanks. I went ahead and ordered a rebuilt one. I just hope the other motor crank is fine. Should know this week when I tear it down

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