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Thread: Rxt-x 260 slow

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    Rxt-x 260 slow

    Went out for the first ride of the year yesterday and I wasn't impressed at all. I was only running 71 @ 7900 on a gps. Reading 72 on the ski speedo. The wAter was smooth and 68. I was expecting more from it. However it was with a full tank that I stored it with with stabil. Any help would be great. On a different note it wAs the first time I ran with the r&d and it seemed to stay hooked allot better when I ran up the river that had a pretty good chop to it

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    I'd try pulling the R&D off and seeing how it runs with the stock grate. I also had mine out sat (bone stock) normally it will run up to 69 and hit the speed limiter but I was having issues getting it over 67 on the speedo.

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    I've seen 70 with the stock impeller,didn't you say CJ @ J&J can do the set-back mod?
    I'm tempted to just send my stock impeller out for a re-pitch to see if I can get similar results...

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    Yea, I would say it was a pretty good chop

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