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Thread: Fuel question

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    Fuel question

    So I've taken a 06 rxp stock an changed to an xcharger, rotax 8500 ecu, 42s, cold air intake, an still stock ic. I'm trying to run 74-8 is for starts. I have a new sc etch that's supposed to be 13 at 8100 an 14 at 8500. Also with that I'm puttin in 50s.

    One am I ok
    An 2 I really need an ic. So I'm thinkin fizzles ic setup.
    When this is added haven't bought yet, am I to lean.

    Ya I ordered a rising rate yes. But. Want to go try the new 1st setup now.

    Yes guys I do have other stuff
    Prop, nozzle, riva free flow ex. But still using stock exit hole. Open loop, riva ride plate,

    My goal is to hit 80 for now then build higher with higher sc.

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    Just monitor o2, then you'll know for sure?

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    42s with the rising rate should work great with the external IC and X charger. The Rotax ECU is supposed to be mapped for 42# injectors, but I am not 100% certain on the mapping limits. I can't say for sure whether the 42s and X charger alone will work well with it, but I'm sure a forum search would answer the question or wait until someone who's tried it chimes in.

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    I guess I'm asking when the put my race tech drop in wheel, (yellow) with 50s . It's supposed to have13lbs of boost at 8100 .

    Will that be to rich or lean.

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    Kit 1 : ET 137 XLE Dropin Wheel

    I have this wheel is it going to get me to 80+

    And what is bigger than this.

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    I would get a LC-1. Things have been proven many times over and over. Like the S3 with ex IC and stock injectors and a rrfpr. Let me tell you its way lean. Even though many have ran it.

    Check it yourself and make sure its right.

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    I wouldn't run either without RRFPR and LC-1.

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