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    Sea Doo Demo 5/13/2011

    San Dimas, CA

    Friday May 13

    Lake Puddingstone

    RXT as 260

    Got to demo a new Sea Doo at Puddingstone today out in San Dimas, CA. Nice day, slightly breezy, hazy sunshine. Never been to Puddingstone on a ski before today. Nice to see a swarm of stand ups taking in the afternoon bumps. Bummer though, patrolled by LA County's finest who were writing tickets as I got there and as I left. Wont be going back to that place anytime soon.

    Here is a link to the RXTas if you havent seen them before:

    Never ridden a "suspension" type ski before. There were some other types to choose from but i wanted to try something different. Ive been a little leary of them after seeing all the extra parts break over and over again. I have a 2008 RXTX and a 2004 GTXSC. I ride mostly ocean so "testing" on a lake isnt too real world for me. But then again not everyone rides where we do.

    First thing I noticed is that this ski is BIG. Real BIG. Seems wider and longer than what I am used to. Super soft comfy seat. Lots of electronics too. Adjustable Steering is nice, handle bars that can be adjusted to rider preference is also a plus. Various modes to play in and most notably SPORT mode. Gets up and moves in this mode when you stab the throttle. Drive by wire. The whole braking system is something good for the families, and the whole neutral set up is kind of trick too. Your girl can now load and unload the ski no problem and not be subject to dock rash.

    The ride on the lake was supposedly choppy. You really couldnt tell on this beast. Plows through bigger boat wakes with ease. 0-66 was real quick, faster than I expected. 66.3 is pretty good for out of the box, I used my gps and was real close with the factory speedo. Would like to see if I could have taken it to Catalina without the suspension going kaput. What with the 5 or so inches of travel it does soak up the rough. Has lots of potential. The new hulls feel stable and I am sure this along with the other skiis will be good sellers for sea doo. The color schemes this year are a lot better than years past. Didnt get to see how it does on fuel. Only did 4 hot laps. This ski has plenty of grunt. Good job Sea Doo. I am sure the owners manual is real thick, lots of controls and multi functions. Only thing I really didnt like was the alignment was significantly off. I dont know if that is a common characteristic or a function of a lot of people hoping on and off these skiis all day.

    Some photos:

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    Nice write up. Thanks.
    Still love your avatar. You told her right?

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    Cool Sea doo demo (Awesome but please don't ever use puddingstone again)

    It was nice to have the demo setup again.

    Although Irvine lake was way better.

    Puddingstone Blows (Cops everywhere)

    You would think when you rent out a place to do an event you would get to use the lake properly to demo the units (Like you could at Irvine lake which has 5mph limit all the time yet you could really test them out)

    Thanks Seadoo for setting this up.

    However I wish that the demo stayed at long beach as it was originally planned.

    The amount of Sheriff and cops was unesesarry and downright rude.

    Also upon opening in the morning I had heard the Puddingston Water Cops are not very nice to say the least.

    the constant Sirens going off from people getting hasseled or ticketed detracted from the event.

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