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    local walmart

    How about this picture from our local walmart, My daughter took the picture.
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    No way!!!! You just can't make that stuff it.
    Glad I don't live there
    Walmart horror story? Just after hurricane Katrina, we needed food for our base in New Orleans, so I was tasked with driving from NOLA to Morgan City to fetch us some food for about a week.
    When I get there, the place is jammed packed-it was the closest Walmart to NOLA that had electricity and was open-and all of the people in the lines have these "government voucher" Visa cards, and they were all buying electronics(tv's, stereo's), and none were buying food!!!!! Guess where they lived??? 9th ward, NOLA........"hey electricity for the big screens". Almost all of them had 5 or 6 kids in tow........and, there was still plenty of food and bottled water.

    Took me forever to get through the line, to buy FOOD!!!(they actually opened up registers for food only) We had electricity(big generators-20,000 gallons of jet fuel-good to go).

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIM'S PERFORMANCE View Post
    How about this picture from our local walmart, My daughter took the picture.
    Something that would not really shock me but would really add to the story would be if it was a guy.

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    Looks like a normal Walmart trip to me. The last time I went there was some crankster chick that kept screaming "RED ROBIN". The odd part was, not many people seemed to pay any attention to her.

    Just another day at Walmart with the interesting people that frequent there.

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