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    Kawasaki ultra 150 engine mounts problem.

    I just bought this jet ski and it needs new engine mounts in the rear when i was removing the bolts that hold them down 1 bolt on each engine mount snapped inside because it was in salt water and its all corroded.
    What would be the best way of fixing this i think to will be to hard to drill the bolts out and risky? ( going through hull with drill bit)?
    Could possibly glueing the engine mounts down with a strong glue and tightening one bolt good? nots sure what to do help

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    You need to get new bolts and see how long they are. Subtract the thickness of the mount, and that will give the length of the drill bit. Buy a set of left-hand drill bits and install a stop collar on them to limit how deep they go. Soak the bolts in penetrating oil for a day first. They may come out with the left-hand bit, or you may have to use an EZ-out.

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