View Poll Results: Do/did you use a digital torque wrench on your supercharger wheel?

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  • Yes, I used a digital torque wrench

    5 45.45%
  • Hell no, I used my Harbor Freight click-stop

    1 9.09%
  • I used another type

    5 45.45%
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    How many actually use a digital torque wrench?

    How many of you actually use/used a digital torque wrench when installing your supercharger wheel, or did you just use a click-stop, or somthing different?

    Digital wrenches are freek'n spendy to only "need" once or twice a year.

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    Good ole clicky for me!

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    I have a click-type(Harbor Freight) that I've used several times for the SC wheel & never broke the stock shaft, but I was told that most click-type wrenches are not real accurate on reverse threads. This was the most affordable digital in/lb model I found:

    I ended up buying a Snap-On because it was the only 3/8 drive I could find that measures less than 120in/lb. The nut should be torqued to 70in/lbs(with stock shaft) & the wrench I bought has a minimum measurement of 60in/lbs(5 ft/lbs). I wanted a 3/8 drive digital for everything else & didn't want to have to buy a second 1/4 drive digital just for the SC, so forking over for the Snap-On made sense for me.

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    i love my snapon digi wrench, i use it quite a lot now days and its worth every damn cent of the 180 USD i spent on it.

    gota love ebay sometimes

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