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    can i use this plug on my FX HO?

    07 FX HO Cruiser. Went to the local yamaha place today and they didn't have the regular plugs. they sold me a CR8EB. salesperson said it was hotter and that it would be fine.

    are they safe to use? thanks.

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    Not saying that you shouldn't use it, since going from a 9 to an 8 is a small step, but a hotter plug will make the engine more prone to pre-ignition, and make the engine run hotter. I've always heard the the reason for the cooler CR9EB plugs on the FX HO is to help keep a very high revving engine (10000 rpms) from melting down. I'd guess that it also helps keep the engine from knocking with 87 octane fuel............just my 2 cents. That said, I do know guys using that plug on the older FX HO skis, and they report no problems.

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