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    2000 stx 1100 cooling lines help!

    Im working on a friends stx1100 di and all the cooling lines were disconnected. I only have 2 lines that are in question, one is the line that leads to the pisser, which one is this? The very top barb that faces the front of the jet ski? Or the one that is in the middle of the exhaust on an angle. And WTF is there a cooling water line going into an electrical box for? I traced one of the cooling lines and it goes into the electrical box and out the other side, then into the front of the engine. Somebody please explain WTF this is.

    So to re-cap, i just need to know what barb the cooling pilot goes onto, and what barb the "electrical box" cooling line goes onto.


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    The line from the pisser goes to an overheat sensor. It's a silver cylindrical thing, probably mounted near the top front of the engine compartment.

    Make sure the cooling hoses going to the front of the engine (stator cooling) are also clear. They plug up easily.

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