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    SC Needle Bearing's

    Hey guy's I just ordered the Riva Stage 3 and will be putting in the steel washer in their also. How do you get the bearing in without falling out? Use grease? Also I have been reading a lot about installing the washer's. Is there a problem if you over shim it? I don't want to have to take it apart after a short while because of my intercoolers and water boxes are right in the way and it's a pain in the azz. I though if I were to bring it to like 120 in lbs or so I may be better off?

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    The needle bearings come with a wax backing that help hold them to the shaft.

    yes, you can overshim the clutch to the point where it wont slip and will twist the shaft in two.

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    if you don't buy the needle bearings new then petroleum jelly(vasoline) holds them in place until you slide the gear over them and washes harmlessly away when reinstalled in the motor.

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    These needle bearings BLOW!

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    With 120 in lbs you BETTER be CAREFULL! With the stock conical washers it's gonna be real... Impossible to get the slip moment that high. Let's just say it'll take some time.

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    For the needle bearings-I reused mine. As i slide the gear off i caught all the needle bearings as they fell out. To put them back in i put the gear back on the shaft and then stacked the needle bearings back in one by one. Once you get a couple in so they are less likly to tip over it goes easy. It really doesn;t take long to put them in the gear.

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    I reused mine as well. Just use a small fine pair of needle nose pliers, and gently re-insert. After the first few go in, the rest are easy. Unless you drop one!

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