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    yamaha xl 700 advise

    Hey guys you all have been more than helpful getting my gp1200r running. Last night at a friends house his neighbor came over and to make a long story short he has a 2001 xl 700 he wants to get rid of for 500 dollars. He said it will turn over and run but not quite right, probably carbs, however the battery was dead when I tried it. It comes on a nice looking trailer, what I'm wondering is what should the compression be? Is there anything else I should check when I go back to look at it? Is it similiar to working on a 2 cylinder gpr without the power valves? Does that sound like a good deal? Thanks in advance everyone.

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    Compression on a two cylinder will be greater than a three, look for something around 140.
    Take a fully charged battery with you to do the comp test so you can get an accurate reading.
    If comp's o.k. check for nice brown/bronze plug ends & usual stuff; exterior hull condition, impellor clearance, oil in bottom of hull, etc.
    Much easier to work on than your GPR, longer hull, shorter motor.
    If everything looks good, and he has titles to both, $500 sounds fair. Trailer should be worth $300 anyway. If you can't get it running there will be a market for hull parts, not so much for the two-banger motor

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    Thanks so much for the advise. I did look in and your right it looked like there was alot more room in there. I'm going down on Monday and taking my fully charged battery and compression guage. If I do end up buying it does anyone have a link for the maintenance manual for this model. Its a 2001 xl 700, I haven't had any luck locating it so far.



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    I have a complete shop manual in PDF. Great machine runs about 48-50mph, compression should be 125-150 psi as long as it's the same in both cylinders, huge market for the engine parts it's a 62T, easy on gas, handles chop very well, great for pulling tubes or a skier,bulletproof, what else can I say? There's a reason that was a staple for rentals for so many years.

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    Thanks so much guys. I think I'm going to go for it. The guy says he ran it last year bit it has sit ever since with the same gas and no stabil ver the winter. I'm thinking about rebuilding carbs and keeping it for the wife's ski and I'll still have my gpr. Thanks again and let the project begin.

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    Thanks to all the advice I went ahead and went for it. Compression is 146 on front cylinder 151 on the rear. I pulled the carbs today and shipped them off to the carb guru oside. Is there any other issues with this model? I'm familiar with all the problems and fixes on my gpr but this is new territory. Does it have a cat convertor or anything else that needs attention for reliability?

    Thanks in advance

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