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    gpr rear mat help??

    Well i want to get hydro-turf mats for my gpr, but im nervous about the installation. I know you have to take off the rear "rub rail" to get the old mat off and the new one on. So, how do i get the rivets out and how do i re'attach them?

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    As far as I know, you have to drill the rivets out. Then to get the rub rail back on, either use a rivet gun or just use stainless steel nuts and bolts.

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    use a drill to get the old rivets out i think i used a 1/4 inch drill. sometimes you have to hold the old rivet from behind if it starts spinning wile your drilling it out. i ordered my Hydroturf mats through Riva and they came with new rivets but i had to order the little rivet covers. it wasn't too hard of a job but if you dont like gluing get the ones with the adhesive backing.

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    go to your local hardware store. Buy new rivits (aluminum) buy the same size drill bit to install the new rivits and drill out the heads of the old ones. Have done this 100+ times. Lee

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    Thanks for the tips guys!

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