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    need help 93 waverunner 3

    I have a 1993 waverunner 3 that has great compression compression so good you would think it was new and a brand new ecu system. Once it gets warm after about 5 min it chokes out but will not die. You grab the gas and it makes a loud churrning noise and goes no where and once you let go it idles normally. ONly aftermarket part on the bike is a aftermarket carb and powerstack filter. Never have had this problem before and i have had the bike for 10 years.. any ideas where i should look.

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    fact that its good until warm means the lower end mechanics are good along with the pump

    this is where id look.....

    1.How old is the fuel?
    2.check the entire fuel system for flow including tank filters (make any difference going to RESV.?)..
    3. that the choke is missadjusted or is loose on its cable and then closing when it wants...
    4. that it runs well from cold could be a coil breaking down once hot..check its ohms
    5. is it possible its near sezure after five minutes and its getting hot? pisser flowing? how hots the water there after 5 minutes running?
    6. a pulse winding going faulty with heat issues
    7. water in your flywheel area shorting those pulse windings (this after a recent ongiong repair noted on the forum )
    8. check ohms on the cdi ,both cold and then hot...and also go over all conections to the cdi looking for bad or corroded connections.

    the 650 is pretty simple ,and almost as bullet proof as the 500..

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    When it starts acting up if you pull it out of the water and you take the drain plug out the water is hot boiling hot

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    water running out the hull that is hot? sounds like you have a leak in your water box or the coupling hoses from the engineto the water box and out.. the outside pisser could be dumping into the hull , but thats generally' hand' hot and not steamy hot...
    the hull is filling with steamed water and exhaust.. a certian level it could be thrown by the coupleing shaft into the carb,choking the motor..its my thought, as the 650 wr has a good couler shield , this is not happening.. what is,is that an over amount of exhaust fumes and water leakage is displacing fresh air into the hull and the engine is trying to run on those steam and exhaust fumes ..

    back the ski down into the water , lashed down to the trailer,and while still hooked on the tow car.. pop the hull open and start it.. run up at 1/4 to 1/2 throttle .. .. look for leaks.for those 5 minutes (bet it wont thake that long)....

    you could also try to run it till it stumbles , out running free in the water...when it happens ,stop quick, pop the hood and see it the hull is misted wet or smokey..youll find hot water in the bottom..

    also if you pop it open while out there ,it will get a good fresh air charge and run fine for a short time until it fills again and it sufficates it self again..

    there should only be luke warm water ,if at all ,flowing out the back drain and this only from its being close to the engines hot bottom...

    is it alot of water? like gallons...? it should be at most with 5 minutes easy riding 1 qt. or so ,if the bildge is working properly..
    IMT ,this could be a head gasket leak, but it usually is pisser temperature (around 120 to 140 deg.f.) and not boiling hot..

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    Sounds like a cracked waterbox. Feel the driveshaft coupler when it does it, make sure it's not hot. If it is, it's a bearing issue.

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