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    looking at a 1995 SL650

    Anything I should look for on this ski?? It looks awesome still, just want an older style ski that lives at the cabin all the time. We just purchased 2- 2011 STX15F Jetskis.

    Are these a fun hull?? I have had a 1995 ZXI750 and 1997 770 it similar in playfulness compared to them???

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    The SL 650 is a fun hull. Not a speed demon for sure, but playful.

    Read up on the common things a Fuji engine requires, even if it 'looks good'. Replace fuel hoses and possibly the upgrade fuel pump. Rebuild the carbs so you know they are good inside. Clean out the fuel tank if there is any doubt about how clean it is.

    Pull the jet pump and check the stator bearings. Rebuild the through-hull bearing with fresh seals.

    More details in my signature links.

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