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    Turkey Day Ride 2006 in Ventura - S.Barbara, CA.

    Hello friends,

    Here is our SoCal recent ride on 11/25/2006
    "Turkey Day Ride 2006"
    Hope you all enjoy these photos thank you to our friend
    JDonalds's works and would like to share with you all.

    Here is JDonads comments:
    "I put 116 photos from today's Ventura Harbor to Santa Barbara trip up on my photo web site here: Click on slideshow at the top right, then click on the Captions box and enjoy the show."
    "But I wanted to edit the photos and put them up so we could share our day. I know there are some who live in colder places who will make it through the winter with images like these. Come to California and ride with us!"

    If you want to read more epic story please click below link for more details:

    (Top)This group photo contributed by Younggtx

    (Below) PWC beach in Santa Barbara contributed by JDonalds

    Also include our friend DanKetchpel comments:
    "Thanks to the riders who drove quite some distance to make this ride. We had riders from as far south as Laguna Niguel and as far north as Oakland! We had 10 skis and 1 boat, good turn out. For the rest of the SoCal riders who couldn't make it, you missed a great ride. I'm hoping you can make it the next time."

    Here is DanKetchpel's photo album link:

    Hope you all can join our SoCal group in the near future, we ride ALL YEAR ROUND and we bring A+ fun and safe to our ride.

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    Try DanKetchpel photo album link again in case you can't open previous one. ara%2011-25-06/

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