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    Slight white smoking only when slowing down with 2007 GTI? Help please.

    Hey Everyone,

    I recently became the proud owner of a 2007 Seadoo GTI SE. I've been taking good care of it but recently ran into an unfortunate situation. Long story short, I tried to avoid it but I was fishing from the Seadoo and when I left the area I tried to pull the anchor up, it was stuck so I decided to go in reverse to see if it would free if I tugged it from the other angle. Well I tried to keep the slack from under the SeaDoo but it fell out of my hand and got sucked up a bit.

    For a brief moment I couldn't go faster then 10 mph without the engine bogging down. I shut it off for awhile to cool down then shortly after it seemed to run fine but would have a little bit of white smoke come out the back whenever I slowed down. Turned it on again and it ran fine after sitting for half an hour. Got home and there was a small piece of rope left in the intake crate. I was able to remove it with some needle nose pliers. I've ran the SeaDoo for several hours since then and it runs great, but when I slow down I get a small cloud of white smoke. Or, when I'm going slightly faster then idle when I leave the no wake zone to where the PWC is pointing up a bit (7-12mph I believe?), it smokes a bit too, but once it lays back on the water the smoke seems to go away.

    I was wondering what the heck this could be and what I could go to possibly fix it. I want to take good care of my first PWC and would like to identify a small problem before it gets large. Maybe this is normal? I'm unsure but would like to confirm. Like I said it runs fine, I can go 50mph + for awhile with no issues. Only when I slow down to idle it smokes for awhile, sometimes I get a good cloud for a moment, or as I begin to take off again.

    There are two plugs in the back I loosen when leaving the boat ramp, and a little bit of water comes out of them every time, is this normal?

    Thanks for the help guys,


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    are u sure its not steam from the water box ?
    a lil water in the hull is normal from splashing around and what not does the smoke smell like anything does it do it on the flush?

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