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    Flushing without a hose

    OK so here is my situation. I've recently moved into an apartment complex and have the following problem. While I have two parking spaces, I do not have access to a garden hose to flush my ski. Most of my riding is in the Hudson River which is Breakish at best so I am concerned. Any other guys have the same situation? If so, what do you do? I really do not want to go the entire Summer without flushing the ski.

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    Anywhere you can go that does have a hose?

    Make an arrangement with a local car wash?

    Rig up a large pail with a hose fitting near the bottom, and hang that from somewhere high, like a railing or balcony above the ski...

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    Can you rig up some type of old 5 gal gas can with a hose for water? I think that should be more than enough to flush it? Or the car wash idea maybe?

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