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    Tempo Grey Fuel Lines

    I'm going to replace my fuel lines this spring just in case. I've see other posts about type etc. How much hose should I buy? And is it 1/4" ID ?


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    took me about 30' for 2 skis.
    1/4" fit mine.

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    Ok, I have a 2002 Virage Txi....

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    yup just replaced mine 15'

    also rebuild the carbs that tar stuff from the lines gets on everything i was using amsoil power foam and it wouldn't come off i had to scrape it off and wipe it down with a rag

    someone posted a neat trick about using a pill bottle with some carb parts cleaner to clean the small fuel filters in the carbs i threw a couple washers to aid in the agitation pull them and blow them out with compressed air till they're clean

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    don't need to do a txi,its fuel injected,only the carb'd skis

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    Quote Originally Posted by PERCMAN25 View Post
    ... I have a 2002 Virage TXi....
    As far as we can tell the fuel injected engines don't suffer from the same problem with the Tempo fuel lines as the carburetor models. The Tempo fuel lines react with the metal fittings in the carburetor fuel system (which creates the green goo) while the fuel injected engines use all plastic fuel fittings.

    Also the newer Tempo brand fuel lines seem to be better materials and don't degrade as the older stuff did. Not sure exactly when Tempo improved their product, but my own 2002 Virage TXi still has the original fuel lines.

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