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    alignment tool

    I have a 2003 MSX 140. Got the engine rebuilt. Need to shim up the engine now for alignment. Can I just use regular stainless steel washers?

    Also, is the sea doo alignment tool the same as the Polaris one?

    Also, how to I know if my coupler needs replacing?

    Thanks guys!!
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    Also, if the alignment tool is not the same as a seadoo, I need to rent one, anyone have one I can use for a week or so? Thanks again!

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    Did you keep track of how many shims were installed at each corner of the engine when you removed it? Sometimes the hull is marked with a notation of how many shims were installed by the factory in each location.

    If you can reinstall the shims where they were before then the alignment may well be 'close enough'.

    If the rubber coupler is deformed or degraded then replace it. Probably not a bad idea to just replace it anyways.

    The specs for the Polaris alignment tool are posted. You can find the info via my signature links.

    You should rebuild the through-hull bearing assembly while you have the drive shaft out.

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    With the spider coupler just make sure you are parallel on all four sides and there is a gap between the metal drive spiders.

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    Unfortunatley I had to move the pump mount and re silicone it to the hull ( the 'wear ring' with the scoop and 4 bolts that hold it to the hull, had to retap one of the holes for the long bolts, huge mess when one broke off and would not come out thank god that is all done). The seadoo tool is a lot smaller than 20mm. I will need to rent one, or buy one for the Polaris (groan!). I am replacing the through hull bearings. Should I do the bearings in the stator? Should I pack grease in the nose cone of the pump when I put it back together? Can I stick a broom handle in the stator, hold it paralell against a side and get the alignment close enough?

    Thank you for the answers!

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    Why not get some bushings to make up the difference in size from the Sea Doo tool to the Polaris stator. I would think any bearing house could get you the bushings you need.

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