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    98 Kawasaki ZXI100 Manual

    Hi all newbie here going to look at a 1998 ZXI 1100 my first ski. Was hoping to get a manual for the ski. Want to do a compression check and anything else you guys think is important to look at hopefully the manual shows this type of stuff. Jet ski engine had a top end refresh last summer I was told. Was wondering how much you think this ski is worth. Looks in mint condition no weathering minimal blemishes. Since the top end refresh owner has used synthetic oil only. Any help I can get would be great. Thank you

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    I'm not sure if the manual tells you how to actually perform a compression test or not. That's one of those basic mechanic skills. We can help, but having a manual for your 'Ski is a really good idea.

    I would guess that an average selling price for a '98 1100 ZXi would be about $2200 - 2500, with trailer. Of course, it depends on condition and your local economy. A fresh water 'Ski will bring more than a salt water 'Ski.

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    Arrow How to check compression on a 2-stroke engine

    Welcome to the Hulk

    Basic compression check process is similar across most 2-stroke engines
    Remove all spark plugs. Make note of which plug wire goes to which cylinder (label the wires).
    Ground the ends of the plug wire if possible. Some engines provide ground tabs for this purpose.

    Screw compression gauge into front-most cylinder (MAG or #1 cylinder)
    Do not use a press-in type gauge. Use a screw in gauge which has a sealing o-ring (make sure the o-ring is in good shape, and smear a tiny amount of grease on the o-ring for better sealing).
    Hold throttle wide open. Keep it open until testing is complete.

    Crank engine until pressure reading on gauge stabilizes (about 5-10 seconds max). Record reading

    Move to next cylinder (CEN on three cylinder engine). Record reading

    Move the rear cylinder (PTO or #3). Record reading.

    Now move compression gauge back to the front cylinder, and measure all three cylinders again in sequence. Record the second set of numbers.

    Readings from first and second testing rounds should be very similar for each cylinder. If the second round measurement is significantly lower than first for any cylinder then the battery may be fading during the testing (weak battery). Install a fresher battery. A weak battery will provide lower and less consistent compression readings. Do not crank the engine while a battery charger is connected.

    Once you have two sets of readings that are consistent, compare highest cylinder's PSI with lowest cylinder's PSI. For most engines you want to see readings that are less than 5% different between the highest cylinder and the lowest cylinder. 10% or more difference is too much, and something needs repair internally.

    Note that different compression gauges will provide different PSI readings on the same engine. Even if your gauge reads a little lower or higher than some other gauge, what is important is the difference between cylinders.

    If you had something holding the throttle wire open, remember to remove it

    Reconnect the spark plug wires.

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    comp test results should be within 10% of each cyl, somewhere between 105 and 120 psi, if test results good make the deal pending a 15 minute ride thats problem free.

    not really nessasary to hold throttle wide open, the variance is what you should be concerned with.

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    Higher elevation will result in lower compression numbers.

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    Thank you for the responses That definitely helps. No one has an idea of where to download a manual?

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